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Fire exit hardware Deadbolt lock Model 5530S Series SVR Panic Device ///////////////
Panic Exit hardware Exit device manufacturer Model 5530F Series SVR Fire Device(w/o dogging)  ///////////////
Application :

For use on single door or double doors.
where two-point latch is desirable
( inactive leaf of double door in specialty ).
Fire rated devices uses on 8' x 8' double
metal doors only.

Panic Exit device Fits for 1 3/4"(44 mm) thick standard.
RHR or LHR hollow metal doors and
wood doors, other than standard 1 3/4"
is available but specify door thickness
when ordered.
Fire exit device Minimum Stile Width : 3 1/2"(89 mm).
Minimum Stile Width Requirement :
Emergency exit hardware
Model 5530S Series SVR Panic Device / Model 5530F Series SVR Fire Device(w/o dogging)
Specifications :
Device Head Cover ---- Steel, stainless
steel,brass or bronze.
Chassis ---- Steel, plated.
Mechanism Housing ----
Same as head cover.
Push Bar ---- Same as head cover.
End Cap ---- Steel, stainless steel.
Latch Bolts ---- Stainless steel,
1/2"(13 mm) throw.
Strikes ---- Included.
Latch Case Covers ----
Steel, stainless steel, or brass and bronze.
Vertical Rods ---- Brass, stainless steel,
or aluminum tube.
Hand ---- Nonhanded
Mounting ----
Packed with standard machine screws.
Not furnished sex bolts. Order " SNB "
for wood or unreinforced metal doors.
Dogging ---- Allen-type key furnished.
Finish ---- 605, 606, 626, 630, 689, 690.
Outside Trims ---- To order separately.
UL Listed ---- For Panic Exit Hardware.
(Original listed model no.: 900SA), and
Fire Exit Hardware (Original listed model
no. : 917F)