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PRODUCTS ( Exit Devices ) ///////////////
Our Exit Devices meet the demand for superior emergency hardware. These durable devices are designed to meet the need of modern Touch Bar styling for heavy traffic applications by eliminating the need for lever arms and cross bars. All our exit devices are suitable for use at emergency exit in sky-high office buildings,shopping centers, Schools, factories, indoor stadiums, concert halls, theaters, hospitals, hotels, stations, airports, all commercial or public buildings, etc.
Features :
All devices are non-handed design.
Slight pressure on device touch bar will retract latch (s) for immediate exit.
Auxiliary guarded latch deadlocks latch bolt automatically when door is closed.
High shock-resistant latching mechanical design for protection from vandalism.
Applications :
Rim Type
For use on 1-1/4" to 2-1/4"

Thick single or double
swinging hollow metal
doors or fire rated
wood doors.
  One Rim Device is the
popular choice for use on
single outwardly swinging
door. In this application
any device may be used.
Two Rim Devices with
mullion-same direction.
Rim Device (or Mortise Device)
and Vertical Rod Device
Two Vertical Rod
Devices-double egress.
Two Vertical Rod
Devices-same direction
(do not use with
overlapping astragal)