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Alarm Exit Device

- by battery DC power



The Alarm Exit Device is a simple effective way to deter or warn unauthorized use of a door opening. When the push bar is depressed, the device will actuate the internal horn.



  • The rear doors
  • The doors leading to the rooftop in any commercial office buildings
  • The apartment buildings
  • The controlled emergency exit doors in the retail state


Advanced Monitoring

For the further security concerns, a wireless transmitter may be added on one of both alarm modules. It will emit a signal to outside CCTV camera and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) automatically if the controlled door be opened.

Alarm Modules

  • Type A- Monitors push bar only and is furnished standard

When push bar is depressed, the horn will sound. It is suitable for exit device without outside lever trim (for the exit only).

  • Type B- Monitors both push bar and latch bolt

When the latch bolt is retracted by operating the outside lever trim, the horn will sound.