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Electric Latch Retraction (ELR) Type Exit Device



  • Conference room
  • Library
  • Hospital operating room
  • Movie theater



  • The ELR Exit Device feature provides a remote means of unlocking exit device.
  • Once the latch bolts retracted, the exit door is immediately changed to a push-pull operation.
  • It is used for high security exit doors that require access control or any place needs quiet operation.


  • ELR Exit Device is a motor driven design that can fully retract the latch bolts either for the momentary unlatching or an extended period of time.
  • Available for our types of Grade 1 Panic and Fire rated exit devices
  • Motor driven latch retraction for quiet, smooth and precise operation
  • It can be held in the retracted state indefinitely
  • Device allows free egress at all times
  • UL approved for Class II Circuit applications
  • It allows free egress at all times

Electrical Input Requirements

  • Filtered and Regulated Power Supply
  • Voltage: 24VDC ±10%
  • Current: 1A MAX Inrush, 400mA MAX Holding
  • Non-polarized leads


Additional Functions

The ELR Exit Device may have the following additional functions if required.

  1. REX (Request to Exit) Switch

If need to know whether the exit device is operated from the inside, use as a request to enter this signal switch to security systems for monitoring the push bar.

  1. LM (Latch Monitor)

Using with the security systems to monitor the latch and signal the door opening.

  1. DPS (Door Position Switch)

To know the door is open or close.