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Fire Latch Bolt

Model No. FL001


  • This fire latch bolt is a temperature- actuated bolt that automatically extends from the inactive door into the active door when the temperature exceeds the rating of the fusible link.
  • When the fire latch bolt releases to connect the opposite door leaf, it keeps the doors in alignment and closed during the fire.
  • It is also used with the Automatic or Self-latching Flush Bolt.
  • The top bolt FB710/FB810 is installed on the top edge of inactive door only.
  • The bottom fire latch bolt is used to replace the automatic flush bolt.
  • Furnish with LBR device, does not sell separately
  • Faceplate size: 1-25/32" x 1" (45 x 25.6mm)
  • Bolt diameter: 27/32" (21.6mm)
  • Length of Latch Bolt: 3-5/32"(80mm)
  • Material: 100% Stainless Steel
  • Furnish with the LBR device
  • Material: 100% Stainless Steel

  • The combination of "FB710+FL001" and "FB810+FL001" are UL listed and used for the pairs of the fire rated doors.
  • Faceplate size: 1-25/32″ x 1″ (45 x 25.6mm)
  • Bolt diameter: 27/32″ (21.6mm)
  • Length of Latch Bolt: 3-5/32″(80mm)