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Fire-Rated Keyed Removable Mullion

Model No. 7200

For Fire-Rated Rim Exit Devices on fire-rated pairs of doors



  • Model No. 7200 Keyed Removable Mullion is used for two rim exit devices installing on fire rated pairs of doors.
  • It provides a secure, tight center point for the rim devices locking each leaf of the double doors firmly.
  • The Mullion is designed for faster and easily removing from the top bracket by a simple operation of the rim cylinder when a clear, unobstructed large opening is required.
  • While the mullion is reinstalled, the unit will be locked in place automatically without using a cylinder key.

Mullion Tube 2″ (51mm) wide x 3″ (76mm) deep

with wall thickness of 1/8″ (3mm)

11 Gauge Steel Tube

Mullion Size 7′ (2134mm)

8′ (2438mm)

*Mullion may be field cut to fit proper size.