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Universal Door Coordinator

7600 Series

  • The 7600 Series Door Coordinator is used for pairs of doors up to 8'(243.8cm) wide.
  • It provides a smooth, quiet, functional means of controlling the closing sequence of the active and inactive doors.
  • This Door Coordinator is widely used to control the closing cycles of the active door which is equipped with or without overlapping astragal, and inactive door which is installed with a concealed vertical rod exit device or a pair of automatic flush bolts. It can prevent the active door from closing earlier than the inactive door, both leaves can avoid collision each other.


  • Non-handed
  • Easy installation
  • Door stop mounted – no mounting brackets required for top mounted hardware

 *Note: This is not for using with the SVR panic devices.  

Finishes  Black or Aluminum painted

Material  Steel (Mechanism)

  • UL listed (No. R26662)
  • Conforms to ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.3-2014, Type 21B
  • Cycle tested (100,000 cycles) by UL lab

L20” x W 1-37/32” x T 25/32”

( 508mm x 40mm x 20mm )