Notice to customers about counterfeit surface mounted door coordinator

Please be noted that there are counterfeit THASE surface mounted door coordinators in Bangladesh market. We have reported to the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) on this counterfeit product.

To distinguish the genuine THASE surface mounted door coordinators from the counterfeit ones, please read the following descriptions and refer to the attached photos:

  1. The packaging: The THASE branded coordinators are packaged individually with a plastic sleeve in a long-shaped cardboard box. In contrast, the counterfeit ones are packaged as a set of two coordinators bound together with a rope and only in a plastic sleeve.
  2. The UL label: The official THASE coordinators only have necessary UL information on the UL label. In contrast, the counterfeit ones are labeled with Thase Enterprise's name and country. Please be noted that THASE never prints its company name on the UL label.
  3. The price of the counterfeit coordinators is way below the market price.

We are still not sure if the counterfeit products circulate to other markets besides Bangladesh market, but we have confirmed that the counterfeit products are manufactured in China and imported by a local Bangladesh company. If clients find counterfeit products and forged UL labels, please contact the UL Market Surveillance Department to report it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Thase Enterprise Co., Ltd

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